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I have started my journey into the engraving business in 1998 when I worked for a small store on a Military post in Wuerzburg, Germany. Running the business and having an owner that was not willing to get what the customer wanted but rather said they need to buy what I offer was not my philosophy to run a successful business so I quit.

In September 2002 I registered my own business and opened a small store right outside the post the size of a 2 car garage in Wuerzburg January 2003. It was a success from the beginning since most people knew me from that store on base. I had 99% American customers coming from all over Germany. 

In January 2014 I moved to the Ft. Bragg area after closing my store down in Germany. I said I am not going to open another store so I found a job working for a local Trophy Shop because I liked what I was doing. 

My then husband had other ideas and registered another business but I worked it again. 

After separation in 2019 I opened my very own business again and moved into the UPS Shop at Westwood Shopping Center in Fayetteville, NC where you can usually find me.

My focus in business is to satisfy my customers, I want you to be happy with the item you purchased or the engraving on your own item. I work with you to make you look good when you are giving your personalized gift to that special person or have the amazing favors at your event that will not be left behind.

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